Tred Q_Be

Your new professional desktop 3d printer.



3D PRINTER: Made for professionals and quality conscious beginners.

Tred Q_be is the perfect 3D printer to start making your own projects come to life. No matter if you are a professional using it in your own business or a simple beginner looking for the right tool to boost your creativity Tred Q_Be has all the features you need to create high quality 3d printings. With its compact and clean design, solid build materials and user friendly interface it’s the perfect choice both for your office or your home.

3D printer. Clean and functional design

Tred Q_be is compact enough to perfectly fit in your desktop designed to keep your workspace always safe and clean with the two cartridges and all the cables kept inside. In just 40cmX40cmX40cm you have a 20X20X20cm build area and all you need to successfully achieve your projects. It’s easy to carry and you can even decide to customize the look and feel choosing between a range of beautiful colors.


Double extruder for maximum creativity

Print with support to expand the potential of your printer

Thanks to the double extruder you can easily use support structures to print a variety of complex and detailed parts.


A clean workspace

Two cartridges and all the cables kept inside

The closed frame provides high quality printings and allows to work safely on your desktop. Thanks to the two cartidges you can print in two colours to have more freedom in your projects.

Built with end user in mind

Tred Q_B comes out with enhanced connectivity and a touchscreen display to make the printing process easy and customizable. Thanks to the wireless functionality you can connect the printer to your network and send your files to the 3D printer directly from your computer. The touch interface allows to easily control the printing process visualizing and controlling all the parameters of your printing and it syncs with your web interface, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


Quality materials and the perfect mix of features

The 20X20X20 build area is put inside a closed frame with heated print bed and dual extruder. The body is made entirely in steel to resist vibrations and the three axis system allows to maintain the print bed stable even after a carry. No more frequent annoying calibrations, just plug and print!

3D printer is the future!

Tred Q-be: specifications


Printing Technology:

FDM (fused deposition modeling) Technology

Single extruder build volume:

200 x 195 x 200 mm (7800 cm3)

7.87 x  7.67 x  7.87 in

Dual extruder build volume:

175 x 195 x 200 mm (6825 cm3)

6,88 x  7.67 x  7.87 in

 Nozzle diameter:

0,4 mm  (0.015 in)

Z axis resolution:

100 micron (with 0,4 mm nozzle)

Positioning precision (X/Y): 1.4 microns

Heated bed: yes

Enclosed chamber: yes



Stainless steel

Material container:

Two filament spools (750 gr or 1000 gr) 200×55 mm





PLA Brick, PLA Flex, PLA


LCD touchscreen for machine control

Interface software for Octoprint

Supported OS:

Windows, Mac OSX, Linux


AC input: 110/220V

Power requirements: 24 V 10 A

Power Consumption: 200W


Ambient operation temperature: 20- 30 C°

Extruders maximum temperature: 260 C°

Heated bed maximum temperaturee: 100 C°


400X400X420 mm

15,74 x  15.74 x 16.53 in

Weight: 24 Kg – 53 lb

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